A fireplace is a must to install in cold countries like Wisata Pantai Balekambang, so a good fireplace placement is a must. Since the level of need for the same has increased significantly, there are many outlets to hold the same thing. But since this piece of architecture has a tremendous role to play in the balance of your area, one should be careful in choosing where to buy.

Now that the skepticism about where to buy and the reasons for investing has been removed, here is an insight into the right material you should choose.


Usage of the material stone is prominent for most contemporary or modern house set-ups. When the installation process is complete, the overall look achieved is a work which will blend very well with the modern touch of your abode. Comparatively, as the material stone is more rugged, the usage of another material namely slate must be implemented to provide that fitting expression.

It is suggested for an individual to opt for a full roof to floor fireplace mantel as it increases the look of elegance. Not just that, stone as a material is very durable in nature. It is very unlikely that this particular material chips off post a considerable period of time. Hence, this would bring down the maintenance expenses of the mantel. Other than the annual expense requirement of upkeep mentioned, nothing needs to be done.


Choosing a brick fireplace mantel usually get along in houses where the conventional traditional touch is prominent. It can be stated to be a practical option and reasonable in terms of expenses. This is said because of its durable nature but it is old-fashioned nowadays.


Undoubtedly, the wood provides a very traditional and blended expression as a fireplace mantel. But, the problem with this material is that it is the same element burning inside to achieve the warmth. Hence, it wouldn’t be the best pick in case of fireplace mantels.

The following explanation on the correct framework or material to opt will assist you in the choice of the right material to go for in the case of fireplace mantels. However, in this regard, the fireplace mantels by Omega can do wonders for your interiors. Their every piece has an aesthetic appeal and will impart your home that exquisite look you yearned for.