We all spend much of our lives at work. This being the case, it is imperative that our workspaces are optimized to make us feel good. It is a relatively easy process, one that you could do with just a few steps out of your day. Start with décor, move on to cleanliness, and then organize.


Whether you have a corner office or a share a desk, your workspace is your acre of land. The grass is greener where you water it. Take a few things that make you happy and bring them to your office. These can be pictures of loved ones, a beloved plant, or even a piece of your bigger home collection. Do you prize coins or gemstones? Bring some to work to remind you to be happy.


Paramount to a feeling of satisfaction is a clean area. One strategy is the art of feng shui. With clear lines and an open space, the energy will flow. If nothing else, the act of rearranging will freshen up your environment.

Also, take care of your appliances. If your espresso machine or refrigerator becomes dirty, this can affect your food. It’s a good move to peruse local help before this happens. Try searching for appliance repair Manhattan to get the best local services. Remember, it’s easier to prevent than to repair.


Organization will set you free. This doesn’t mean going out and buying folders, files and calendars. Your organization must suit your own style of finding things. Regardless of what cleaning gurus say, find your own path in this. If the chaos of a cluttered desk suits you, then use it. However, take the time to recognize if the clutter is from lack of motivation. Then, take steps to reduce it and control your space.

The Whole Picture

By simply sprucing up your space with personal effects, maintaining useful tools, and seeking your own organizing style, you can produce magnified productivity in your office. Next time you find yourself with a free moment, you could be one watered plant or turn of the desk away from feeling good at work.