There are a lot of ways to define the interiors and bring out the best in your house, and using granite kitchen countertops is just one of them. Granite comes in multiple designs, colors, finish, texture, and thickness to choose from. And needless to say, since so diverse, there’s always a perfect option for all budget amounts. Thus, no matter you have money constraints, you can still give your house the perfect colors that it needs with granite kitchen countertops.

Things To Consider While Buying A Granite Kitchen Countertop

The following consideration will help you in getting the best quality within your budget.

  • Company You Choose – Hang on to the manufacturers and suppliers like because they offer home visits to help you decide what’s best for the house within your budget.
  • Finish You Like – Granite countertops can be made polished, honed, and leathered. If you want something that’s highly reflective and easy to clean, choose polished granite. However, if you want something less reflective with the porous texture of the graphite stone intact, honed finish is what you need. But, if you’re a fan of colors, glare, as well as minimally visible coarseness, it’s leathered finish that you should choose since it combines the benefits of both honed and polished finish.
  • Thickness You Want – Your counter might or might not be very strong. And since granite is a very solid rock that is strong no matter it’s thin or thick, you should take the advice of experts to determine what’ll be better for your interiors as well as your budget.

How To Maintain Granite Kitchen Countertops?

Despite granite is strong, it still requires proper care so that the color and finish lasts long. So, if you’re keen on learning how to maintain your pretty kitchen centerpiece, follow the tips below.

  • Take special precaution to not stain the granite surface with oil.
  • Rinse the oil stained area with hot water and a disinfecting soap immediately to get rid of the oil mark that will otherwise leave a stain.
  • Use warm water to clean the granite surface daily so that the color looks as good as new.
  • Do not use the granite surface to chop vegetables despite it’s scratch resistant. It will help in keeping the colors of the slab intact.

On a closing note, the edges of granite countertops can be done with machines as well as manually. The rates vary accordingly. Thus, choose what you find best.