Paint the stairs, a job that you prefer to postpone for as long as possible and raise a number of questions. For example, “I want to paint my stairs, what paint do I need”, but also “How many m2 is a stairway?” You can read the answers to these questions in this blog, plus golden tips from our paint specialist to paint your stairs.

Stairs to paint

Painting the stairs, there is quite a bit involved. You get ideas online, you think about which color you choose for the stairs and you seek advice. You prefer hard-wearing and non-slip paint for your stairs. But which paint is the best paint for your stairs and how do you approach the paintwork? You can visit for the best deal.

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The tips from the paint specialist

Who can give better paint advice than our paint specialist? Right. These are the 10 tips to paint your stairs from our expert:

  • Degrease the existing paint layers well
  • Sand the stairs well with hand sandpaper or sandpaper for the machine
  • Repair holes and damage with a strong wood filler
  • Use a good primer
  • Use two coats of primer on bare wood and 1 coat of primer on existing paint layers
  • Sand each new layer very lightly and make the surface well dust-free.

Use the correct finish for your stairs

Always finish the stairs twice. This way you have optimum protection. Paint the steps alternately and divide this over 2 days. On day 1 you paint the even steps and on day 2 the odd steps. This way you can walk up and down the stairs without damaging the paint. Last but not least; walk the first week in your socks. This is how the paint hardens well and your stairs remain the most beautiful.

Wooden stairs

The paint you use depends on the material of your staircase. For example, do you have a wooden staircase or steel staircase? The substrate is important to determine which paint is the best paint for your staircase.

Best paint for your stairs

The best paint for your staircase is durable. Our paint specialist recommends the water-based paint for a wooden staircase.

Water-based paint

The paint specialist opts for water-based paint. Why water-based stair paint? Read the difference between water-based paint and turpentine-based paint here there is the best option.

Non-slip paint stairs

A perfect anti-slip paint for the stairs is there, the paint is scratch-resistant, durable, does not yellow and is available in all colors.

How many m2 is a staircase?

You now know what the best paint is for a wooden staircase, why we recommend water-based paint and what a good anti-slip paint is for the staircase. In short, you know what you need to paint your stairs. For one layer this means that you need one can of primer of one liter. You need 2 liters for two layers.

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Stair paints, what color?

The paint color on your stairs is very personal. Fortunately the choice is huge. Trap paint is often available in many colors.