Carpets look very good when new and if regularly maintained. However, after some years, they may need to be replaced. With carpets now costing a fortune, you should consider some tips to extend your carpet’s lifespan. As one of the foremost cleaners in London and after years of providing housekeepers in Westminster for homes, we’ve noticed that most people simply vacuum their carpet.

Regularly vacuuming your carpet can add a few years to its life, but it isn’t enough. Here are 5 tips to make your carpet last longer.

Always Keep the Dirt Out

If you are keen on getting the most out of your carpet, then you need to keep dirt away. Dust and soil can accumulate under your carpet, causing irreparable damage to the fibre and texture.

Taking off your shoes on entering your home extends your carpet’s lifespan by a few years. When you do this, the dirt stays outside and you vacuum less. If you cannot make everyone take off their footwear, then ensure there’s an effective doormat that can trap soil at the entrance.

Prevent Direct Exposure to Sunlight

UV radiation from the sunlight isn’t only bad for the skin. It can also damage your carpet too. A prolonged direct exposure through the doors, windows and skylight will quickly fade your carpet’s colour. To reduce the effect of sunlight, you can install blinds, curtains or awnings to block out the sun’s rays.

Keep Your Pet’s Paws Clean

Pets such as dogs and cats also have roles to play. Wiping your dog’s paw as it comes inside will remove any dirt trapped underneath. A cat mat at the flap will also keep your cat’s paws clean. Cats also take to scratching the carpet. Hence, trimming your cat’s claws will do your carpet a lot of good.

Regularly Vacuum Your Carpets

Despite every precaution you take, dirt and dust will still find their way in. One way to eliminate them is by vacuuming at least once weekly. You can vacuum high traffic areas as much as 2 to 3 times weekly. Frequently cleaning with the right vacuum will keep your carpet clean and fresh.

Hire a Professional Cleaning Agency

Frequently vacuuming your carpets don’t eliminate the need for the deep cleaning a reliable cleaning company offers. Dirt and specks of dust can still accumulate under your carpet. Hence, endeavour to call in professional cleaners for a thorough cleaning job.

If you need professional carpet cleaning from expert cleaners in London and or housekeepers in Westminster, contact us.