Top-up transactions have become an integral part of modern financial management, allowing individuals to add funds to various accounts seamlessly. Among the many options available, topping up via BCA (Bank Central Asia) stands out for its convenience, reliability and security.

As the largest private bank in Indonesia, BCA offers a variety of digital channels and services to facilitate easy top-up of funds. In this comprehensive guide, we explore the process of How to Top Up Funds Via BCA ATM, ensuring a smooth and safe experience for users.

Understanding BCA

Before delving into the top-up process, it’s essential to understand the key features and benefits of BCA. As one of Indonesia’s leading banks, BCA provides a wide range of financial products and services, including savings accounts, credit cards, loans, and digital banking solutions.

With its extensive network of branches, ATMs, and online platforms, BCA offers customers unparalleled convenience and accessibility for their banking needs.

Step-by-Step Guide to Top-Up Funds Via BCA

1. Register for BCA Internet Banking

To initiate fund top-up transactions via BCA, you must first register for BCA Internet Banking. Visit the nearest BCA branch to sign up for Internet Banking services and receive your user ID and password. Alternatively, you can register online through the BCA website or mobile app by following the provided instructions.

2. Log in to BCA Internet Banking

Once you have your user ID and password, log in to BCA Internet Banking using your preferred device, such as a computer, smartphone, or tablet. Navigate to the BCA website or launch the BCA mobile app and enter your credentials to access your account dashboard.

3. Select Fund Transfer Option

From the main menu of BCA Internet Banking, select the “Fund Transfer” option to initiate a top-up transaction. Choose the type of transfer you wish to make, whether it’s between your own accounts, to another BCA account, or to an account at another bank.

4. Enter Transaction Details

Enter the relevant transaction details, including the recipient’s account number, the amount to be transferred, and any additional notes or remarks. Double-check the information to ensure accuracy and completeness before proceeding to the next step.

5. Choose Transfer Method

Select the desired transfer method for topping up funds. BCA offers several options, including regular transfer, instant transfer (for immediate fund availability), and scheduled transfer (for future-dated transactions). Choose the method that best suits your needs and preferences.

6. Confirm Transaction

Review the details of the transaction and confirm your intention to proceed with the fund top-up. Verify the recipient’s account number, transfer amount, and any applicable fees or charges. Once you are satisfied with the information provided, authorize the transaction to initiate the fund transfer process.

7. Receive Confirmation

Upon successful completion of the fund transfer, you will receive a confirmation message or notification via BCA Internet Banking. Take note of the transaction reference number and keep it for your records. The recipient will also receive a notification confirming the receipt of funds into their account.

Tips for Safe and Secure Fund Top-Ups Via BCA

While BCA prioritizes the security of its digital banking services, users can take additional steps to ensure safe and secure fund top-ups:

  • Keep your BCA Internet Banking credentials confidential and avoid sharing them with anyone.
  • Enable two-factor authentication (2FA) for an added layer of security when logging in or authorizing transactions.
  • Regularly monitor your account activity and report any suspicious or unauthorized transactions to BCA immediately.
  • Beware of phishing scams and fraudulent emails or messages requesting personal or account information. Verify the authenticity of communications before responding or providing any sensitive details.
  • Update your contact information with BCA to receive timely alerts and notifications regarding account activity and security updates.


Top Up GoPay BCA offers a comfortable, reliable and safe way to manage your financial transactions easily. By following the step-by-step guide outlined above and adhering to best practices for online security, users can enjoy seamless fund transfers while ensuring the security of their banking transactions.

With BCA’s robust digital banking platform and commitment to customer satisfaction, topping up funds is now easier and safer.