In the process of decorating your office or your room, at one point a friend or designer will recommend glass photo prints as a beautiful way to bring some unforgettable memories, family, interest, and achievements into the design. Your office design has a way of telling the kind of person you are, through the kind of wall prints you have in your office. Place you have visited or loved to visit, pets, photos of loved ones and so many others.

Canvas, on the other hand, is fast becoming obsolete, Big Acrylic glass prints or metal prints will not just bring out the colors in the designs but will add some magnificent feel to your office or room. There are so many advantages to using glass prints for the home or office decors.

#1: Acrylic Glass Prints are great for Wet Rooms

Acrylic glass prints are suitable for wet rooms, unlike canvas or paper prints. If a room is usually wet or might become wet sometimes it becomes unsuitable for canvas or paper prints, a sprinkle can ruin your favorite paper or canvas prints. Have you ever thought of hanging your favorite photo in your bathroom, cool right? But how do you pull that off without having to damage your photo? Acrylic glass prints are best for such because they are water resistant. And it’s mostly suitable for the basement, wet room, outdoor areas, where a lot of dust has no effect on the glass.

#2: Acrylic Glass Prints will light up your home

Acrylic glass with its amazing properties has a panel that could help light up your room or dark office. If your room or office lack enough natural light, rather than opting for traditional wallpapers or canvas prints, why not hang some nice Acrylic glass prints on the wall, having your favorite designs on them, in turn giving your room some light bandung terbaru. This is also ideal for office or rooms that have limited or no windows, with its translucent properties it will steal light from other rooms close to it or the outside world and light up your office or room.

#3: Acrylic Glass Prints Diversify the Texture

A professional designer will let you know that designs aren’t just about mixing colors and painting images, textures too plays a big role. With acrylic glass prints, you can have it all. Have a glass print hung on your wall and allow light hit the surface giving your visitors the feel of the eye-popping designs.